Send me somewhere!

As i have said before ( and the whole reason for this BLOG), I want to start eating in restaurants and writing about my adventures while there.

I want people (YOU) to start telling me places to eat. Currently i am in the Thousand Oaks Area of Ventura County, CA, USA. Send me anywhere.

If you have read my first blog, you will know that i have eaten in every place imaginable. I have a strong stomach and will eat anything asked once to see if i like it.

I just want to start writing about food and the service and stories that come along with it. But not a ‘this is what i made blog’. I want to write about places other people can go and eat and experience what i did or tell them to steer clear of a place if they want to survive.

SO TELL ME WHERE TO EAT IN THE THOUSAND OAKS AREA. It must be a place to sit down, any type of food is acceptable as long as its meant for Humans!!

I await your comments.





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One response to “Send me somewhere!

  1. I used to live in LA, and a few I would recommend are Craft (Century City), Alejo’s (Westchester) and La Dolce Vita (Beverly Hills). I know there are more, but these are all that I can think of right now. I’ve enjoyed looking through your blog!

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