Why i will not go to a restaurant grand opening!!

Would you go to a football game when the team has never played together, or even trained together? The coach has picked them based on a resume on paper.

This is one reason why i will not go to a restaurant until it has had at least a month to iron out the creases.

A chef i worked with, decided on her day off to make a reservation to a new restaurant within the local area.  This was a very expensive and luxury restaurant. So she called to make the reservation, and was greeted politely and lucky they could sit her on the Monday midday sitting as she requested.

Excited that she had got a table in the first week when it was supposedly booked completely up she told us all about it.

With Friend in tow she arrived on the Monday at midday she walked in and waited to be seated. And she waited. Finally someone came and told her that they were not open, to which she replied that they had made a booking last week and that this was not possible. Sorry!

My point is that even the staff don’t know whats going on at the beginning. They are all used to doing service a different way and now their new boss is telling them the new rules and unsurprisingly there is confusion and conflict.

After around 1 month these glitches are usually ironed out and i will give the restaurant a go and then i will start evaluating the service and the standard food (as this also applies to the kitchen).

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  1. As a restaurant owner myself, I can tell you that’s a very wise choice. Our first project was a disaster until well into the third or fourth month or so when we found our niche. We were fortunate that we had a really friendly staff and always served high quality food, because otherwise, we could have easily dropped from the radar faster than we made it on there. This is great advice to anyone- if you go to a brand new place and it isn’t perfect, don’t write it off until you’ve tried it again. You may be pleasantly surprised at how ever changing a restaurant can be.

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