How To Be a Food Critic? Part 2

I posted my first critique of a restaurant (Sushi Planet Orbiting Westlake Village) a few days ago.

If your following my blog you will already know I have always wanted to be a food critic (see Finally I Did It.) To see the first part of this adventure click “How to be a food critic?.

My first mistake was to critique something that I love to eat but am not so good at cooking. I have eaten in several Sushi restaurants but not prepared it like other foods.

Second, I need to take more pictures of the location and food, looking at other blogs I need to make mine more visually stimulating. The blogs I like best have photos to show more precisely what was going on (a picture paints a thousand words.)

Third, I needed to make more notes, about what I have eaten, the location, the staff, service, the environment, everything I observe.

Fourth, get more background information on the restaurant and the chefs, if possible.

Fifth, as Richard Frisbie suggested to me, I should not order what I want from the menu, I should ask the waiter or chef to decide for me so I have a completely unbiased opinion (it helps that there is nothing I do not eat.)

Sixth, Learn to write by reading more food critique blogs and newspaper articles.

I will put these into practice, the adventure continues.



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4 responses to “How To Be a Food Critic? Part 2

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  2. Depending on the type/ quality restaurant, I either ask for the Tasting Menu (do they have that over there?) or for the Chef to choose for me. I have quite a few friends in the restaurant trade & they also say that a good restaurant will also be able to pick your wine for each course too! Enjoy your tasting!

  3. Shilah

    Interestingly I can quite understand where you are coming from when it comes to making the efforts to critic food. Recently posted one on my blog (Domino’s Pizza) and did as best to describe (which i suck at..). A read to look out for and best of luck with your foodie blog!

    p.s. thanks for the like!

  4. writingsofafoodlover

    Your blog is really interesting – I’m so glad I came across it! I’m trying to write regularly and have also decided to blog about food and it’s great to see other people get the hang of it too! Your ‘how to be a food critic’ gave me lots of food for thought!

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