You’re Taking the Plate!

There is something here in California (and possibly the whole of the US) that really annoys me.

When eating at a restaurant the servers take away plates before everyone has stopped eating.  There are some basic rules, and this one is the most fundamental, you do not clear anything from the table (unless requested) before everyone at the table has finished eating. I know it doesn’t sound much but this is a big deal, it’s basic manners. As basic as not starting until everyone’s food is on the table.

This runs deeper than just manners, learning basic manners at the dinner table then translates into your adult life. In England we are seeing a huge shift from the family meal around a dinner table, with all the social interaction that this brings, towards the  unsociable and paralyzing TV dinner. This is a contributor towards the receding family social cohesion being seen all over the world.

Both me and my wife agree that when we have children we will do as John F Kennedy did as a child; Selected Local and World news will be put up on the refrigerator which our children will read and then we can talk about it over dinner. Easier said than done.

I feel that not only is a healthy nutritional diet necessary  for a healthy child but also, a healthy and well rounded social life filled with a wide view of the world and not the 5 mile radius of the house.

All great change in America begins at the dinner table

– Ronald Reagan

I feel that eating together brings such a sociably pleasurable experience which can bring people and families together and teach children valuable life lessons. As children learn primarily from their parents it is them that should act like adults and be sociably responsible for the future.

I am so passionate about this that i can go on forever, i will write more about this soon.



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9 responses to “You’re Taking the Plate!

  1. I have been thoroughly enjoying your blog. And the thing about dinner at the table is fantastic, and so very true. My parents always insisted that we eat dinner together, and I am a far better adult now for doing so.

    I liked you blog so much that I have decided to pass on to you this Liebster award! If you don’t know what it is, you can check back at my blog for all the details! Keep up the great work and writing! You’re fun to read!



  3. I totally agree, the plate removing thing is such an annoyance.
    Great to see you doing what you love and I believe the 1939 saying goes:
    Keep Calm and Carry On! – Great job. ~Technospunky
    PS, thank you for liking the eggnog post.

  4. I completely agree! My husband and I have discussed doing what JFK did as well, perhaps even taking it a step further and asking them to do a report on a current topic of their choosing for Sunday dinners. While we have no doubt that this will be difficult, it will be worth it in the end as we’re sure it will help raise thoughtful, well spoken, and informed children. *Loved* your post! Cheers!

  5. Peter

    The ones before me said it all. Enjoy the meal without TV, the news is repeated over and over again anyway.

  6. Great post! I couldn’ t agree more. Growing up we always ate together as a family and today I insist on the same. It’s great to see that you plan to do that when you have children. Its a special family time and something we always remember. 🙂

  7. mymdesigns

    I totally agree with you!

  8. Keep writing…I get that! I am a very slow eater and I think it’s a good quality among my not so good ones!

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