Practice Makes Perfect

As Peter commented on my last brief post “You can also comment on your wife’s food, see it as a trial, but don’t be too harsh. You still have to share the same bedroom.”

I have only written one critique and the learning curve is steep, finding things to write about that are interesting, makes people passionate and captivates imaginations is a hard thing to do a few times a week. I certainly don’t want to be one of those Facebook status updaters that tells you their very action everyday.

Not being a natural writer I need to practice hence this post. As luck would have it I have taken my wife’s car to the repair shop and I arrived to pick it up 2 hrs before it is ready. So I decide to wander into the local “English” pub (bar for the Americans).

It’s hard for US bars to get the same feel of an English Pub, generally the building is relatively new and doesn’t have the same feel as the old low ceilinged pubs of England that we all know and love. However the Crown and Anchor, in Thousand Oaks California has done what it can, down to the pint glasses being proper British pint size and shape!

The ceilings are high but have wooden beams, bare brick walls on the side, with a dart board out back!


Obviously this is a theme bar in the US for the US citizen and so it has to cater to that clientele, several TV’s show international and national sports and the walls are filled with English Football (Soccer) paraphernalia along with British Memorabilia.

There is a warming smell of fish and chips in the air with a dash of vinegar. (Until I wrote that sentence I hadn’t even noticed that small and wonderful detail).

The bar is busy, peppered with British and American accents, Guinness on tap, and the usual Bud, Sam Adams etc.

I am unfortunately am not here to eat, however the smell is wonderful, I will make sure I bring he wife.

The food on the tables around me looks basic, fries, sandwiches etc. I am here in a Wednesday night at 1730, I cannot imagine how busy it is on a Friday or Saturday night.

From my brief time here I can say I will be back and you should give it a try too, if only for a social beer and a giggle.

The Crown and Anchor is located at 2891 E Thousand Oaks Blvd
Thousand Oaks, CA 91362-3202

For more information their website is



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2 responses to “Practice Makes Perfect

  1. You’d probably like the pubs in the Boston area. The buildings are older and the ceilings lower. The food, though, I’m not entirely sure you’d like.

  2. “I certainly don’t want to be one of those Facebook status updaters that tells you their very action everyday.” And how! I agree with you on that one. Me neither. I enjoy your blog.

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