Why to get your children to eat at the dinner table?

Why oh why do some parents sit their children in front of a TV, give them a dinner from the microwave and then ignore them?

Err it’s easy that’s why!

Anyone can let their children zone out to a cartoon show and feed them a sub standard meal, low in anything good and high in salt and sucky stuff!

At some point we all do it, I appreciate that, but we should not do it every night!

Take the time to sit down at the table with your children, talk to them, ask them questions, as they grow up this interaction will benefit them more than you realize. Interviews, meetings over dinner and dates all require a level of interaction that eating together can help create and raise confidence.

Talk about local and international news, sports, movies anything that will raise their interaction curiosity.

Depending on your family situation, make sure everyone in the immediate family is at the table, be it two, four or more. Everyone should have the opportunity to interact with different age levels.

If you have the opportunity to go out to dinner with friends make sure the children, if old enough, are brought into the conversations with new people, this will give them the ability to talk to anyone as they grow up. This is something that will be highly beneficial in adulthood.

If your children only eat one thing or refuses to eat certain foods, keep giving it to them to eat. Studies show that a child will start eating the food if exposed to it around 20 times.

You mantra needs to to be “WE” not “THEY”. “They don’t eat broccoli” is a bad way to single them out. Your expression should be “we eat broccoli” make it a normal thing to eat and make sure the whole family eats it and soon they will want to be a part of the collective.

Be a family and eat around a dinner table, the only thing you will loose is time, but time well spent!


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One response to “Why to get your children to eat at the dinner table?

  1. You make some great points, the lesson that can be taught at a dinner table are unbeatable.

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