Why Wear Them?

I’m need to vent, why do people clip their cell phones to their belts, it just looks so pompous and anal.

I’m been siting here at the bank and several people walk by with phones on their hips like cowboys and a Bluetooth headset on! Get a life!

Bluetooth is for the car! Your not on the phone nor in the car and you have free hands that can hold a phone! Take it off!!

Does the phone and headset make you feel Important, does it make oh feel cool, I guess like smoking does!

Rant over!



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2 responses to “Why Wear Them?

  1. Oh man that so true. Where I work I see lots of people like that.

  2. Why not wear them? Why not take calls or listen to messages through the bluetooth so you are hands free? The sound is much better on a headset. Granted, I don’t wear a phone on my belt since I don’t wear belts.

    I have a bluetooth hearing aid with which I can interface with my iPhone to send and receive calls through an iCom. I can listen to iTunes while in line at the bank and have the iPhone in my purse and then turn it off before I get to the teller. I can also listen to my voice mail or a ripped CD of a book. If I have trouble understanding the teller I can whip out my portable FM system and bluetooth it to the hearing aid and you’d probably not notice the little black microphone/transmitter on the counter. And if the FM wasn’t out you’ll be none the wiser since my hearing aid is virtually unnoticeable despite being a BTE (behind the ear). ;^)

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